Dirk de Grooth dies Wednesday 16th November 1977

A shock went through Winschoten yesterday, with the news that one of it's most prominent inhabitan, the 41 year old Dirk de Grooth died in a traffic accident on Rijksweg 41 near Scheemda. De Grooth enjoyed an ernomous popularity in Winschoten. He was cheerful person, who loved doing things for the town he lived in. Lots of his energy (and he had a lot) he spent on his Winschoten.

He also lead the company, which beared his name, with a lot of energy. In a few decades, De Grooth built the simple taxi-company (which he took over from his father) out into a leading transport company

of which the modern ambulance service was the showpiece. The fleet of the ambulance-department is counted to most modern in this field certainly in the North and even the entire Netherlands. De Grooth used to track down the latsest things in this field in the USA himself. The ambulances, which drove off quickly yesterday evening to perform lifesaving work at the accident site near Scheemda - And now for the boss himself - have through the years saved many inhabitan of Eastern - Groningen from certain death. For De Grooth himself any help of his employees came to late. Though they managed to pull him out of the wreckage of the car alive,

he died on arrival in the Sint Lucas Ziekenhuis (Saint Luke Hospital) in Winschoten, the hospital in which he had spent a lot of time due through his job. The collission must have been a violent one. Almost in the center of the car stood a small tree, that was on the verge of Rijksweg 42. It was as if the car had wrapped itself around the tree.

De Grooth always stood firm for Winschoten. He was a fighter in the Noo(r)dklok-comite, that in 1973 managed to bring many members of parliament to Winschoten to look at the problems of Eastern-Groningen with their own eyes. He kept close relations with the board of "Trade & Industry"

and was a member of the board of the "Winschoten Promotion" foundation and had as such a hand in organizing the "Winthil" exhibition in 1975. Together with others he set-up a coach-workshop for the joint garage holders of Winschoten. He had advanced plans for building a huge Garage near the Beersterweg in Winschoten. De Grooth was very well known for his enthousiasm. If he saw something in plans, he would go for 100% to get them realized.

De Grooth will leave behind an ernomous void, in Winschoten and especially his company and one has to ask how it can be filled.

Johan Kuiper, Ebo Meyer, Henk Veen, Albert Ekamper (Just returning from a paramedic's course, hence the suit.) and Anno Greven.

Workshop Papierbaan.



Disaster exercise in Beerta
Beerta - Yesterday evening under large interest a huge exercise was held by the E.H.B.O.-department Beerta with cooperation of the Fire departments Beerta and Winschoten, Police, Ambulance service De Grooth and the Red Cross.
Two wrecked cars and nine victims set the tone at the crossroads of Julianastraat and Torenstraat.
At least 20 E.H.B.O.people gave first aid to the victims, while the fire brigade set it self to work to extinguish the car fire and liberating victims caught in the wrecks. With an ambulance the wounded

were transported to the community house De Iemekôrf (The Beehive), where the Red Cross Brigade had set up an emergency hospital to take further care of the victims.
It was the first time for Beerta that such a large exercise was being held.