+/- 1966

Ambulanceservice Winschoten functions perfectly
Good equipment and the right people

People who do their work with great enthousiasm and really see their work as their hobby (Are there now still as many who see it that way, as there used to be?) one of them is Mr D. de Grooth owner of a Taxi and Ambulance Company. Especially the Ambulances have stolen his heart maybe not a strange thing since Mr De Grooth really would have liked to be a doctor, His brother is studying to become one by the way, so a leaning towards a medical profession runs in the family.

The company now has 4 ambulances available plus one in reserve. Because of the fact that the newest ambulance has had it's shake down and had it's equipment and interior completed is the reason that we went and visited Mr De Grooth.

A mobile little hospital, that new ambulance and we can understand why Mr De Grooth is very proud of it. A lot of provisions in a relatively small space, one by one aimed at saving lives - and so very important. In the car one can find hyper modern oxygen equipment, completely with mask, suction-aparatus,

which eventually can keep the airways of a wounded clear, Air conditioning is available, sandbags (to fixate limbs) there is splint material, etc. etc.

The latest of the latest: the (with four points suspention) stretcher. Which adjustable in such a way that the feet of the patient can be raised higher than the head, which is very important in case of the patient suffering from shock.
A Spinalplank can be slid underneath accident victims suffering from spinal or pelvic trauma. (The patient remains exactly in same postion) The plank doesn't hinder X-rays. The lay-out of the ambulance is extremely practical; lots of storagespace from which in no time pillow material, bandages, 'squares' (for open wounds) etc. can be pulled.

But every meticulous technical equipment loses a lot of it's value when the people working with it are not suited for the job or can bring up a certain enthousiasm for the job.

De Grooth has those people, not only, 'the boss' is enthousiastic ambulance work, his employees also. Those employees know how to handle things; they followed (not for the first time) an extended "medical course" supervised by doctors Arendshorst MD and Kempees MD - Even the company's accountant followed the course.The relation with the people from the (local) hospital has always been very close.

And so the new ambulance, whose 'exterior' also has been equiped with a special equipment, drives around for some time already in Winschoten (and the surrounding area): Too often (one can say) people can 'meet' the car on the road, but too many (traffic) accidents still happen. Where a quick response is needed the people of De Grooth are always quickly on the spot. And that's what people in Winschoten and the surrounding area can be nothing but grateful for and where who knows how many (will) have to thank their lives to.