Ambulance quick and good equiped at accident
Saturday 28 October 1967

This will be episode 2 of the story "It takes to long before a wounded person get help."
that was published in this corner on October 14th, quoted was Mr J. van Bekkum from Vlagtwedde, Red Cross Staffmember. "It takes to long before the ambulance arrives at an accident scene and above all the ambulances are not good enough equiped for instance a respiratory apparatus is missing."
Here follows the opposite of his argument. Quoted is taxi and ambulance entrepeneur Dirk de Grooth (30) from Winschoten.

Dirk de Grooth has just shown me that he can drive from his garage (Winschoten) to the heart of the village of Sellingen in exactly 15 minutes (I can feel my heart throbbing in my throat, but De Grooth looked very calm) And Sellingen is way out of his normal zone of operation.

The equipment of the ambulance does also silence Mr J. van Bekkum, or will at least satisfy him: Respiratory apparatus, suction apparatus, oxygen apparatus, spineplank, splint material (of which the inflatible splint can also be used as pressure bandages) extended first aid kit, pillows, sandbags, a stretcher with special suspension and a hydraulic press which can be used by freeing people from wrecks

and most of all a radiotelephone which can be used to quickly inform the hospital or to redirect the drivers when on their way to a 'usual' patient to an accident
The emergency ambulance has always two, E.H.B.O .(E.H.B.O. = Eerste Hulp Bij Ongelukken = First Aid At Accidents) certificated, at the hospital of Winschoten trained persons. At night there are always drivers stand by, with an ambulance on their frontstep. Bridge-men and police all cooperate to keep road crossings and bridges enroute to an accident clear.
Next to the emergency ambulance Dirk de Grooth has three normal ambulances. "A new completely equiped car has just been ordered in the USA" tells De Grooth
"I've turned transporting wounded into an hobby and all of my people consider it an honour to help a fellow human being" says the transport entrepeneur.
Builders: "photographer too much"
At my request photographer Geert Hut from Groningen went to Winschoten to take some pictures from taxi entrepeneur D. de Grooth (see story left)
Just as he arrived, Dirk de Grooth had to leave with his ambulance, there had been an accident on a building-site in Winschoten. "Action pictures" thought Hut and followed De Grooth.
But the men on the building-site thought differently. Hut had just left his car when was surrounded by 15 builders and was removed, in a friendly but unyielding way, from the building-site (Housing)
Press photographers are tough , but not tough enough to take on 15 firmly built builders. So no action picture, but above published posed picture of Dirk de Grooth. The builders didn't want it.
Not only with administrators and other as 'governors' marked persons is the desire for the nowadays much asked openess only aimed at "the other one"
An accident can happen to anyone, but only when it happens to someone else do you want to read about it in the paper.