the quality of the pics isn't that good since they weren't taken with my normal camera (Yashica Mirror Relfex Camera with adjustable objective. It broke down during Ewot 2003 and can't be repaired), but with a cheap camera with no possibility to zoom or adjust the focus.
the first 10 picutres were taken around Christmas when both kittens arrived at my mother's house. They were very shy then, when you moved in their direction they immediately disappeared into the shed/scullery. it was impossible to get them in your hands. For a number of weeks we even didn't know what gender they were. The one with the white stripe on the nose is a Tomcat the other one is a Pussycat. Although intended to go home with me, we quickly realized that that would be an impossibility because of their shyness. So it was decided that they would remain at my Mother's place. She gave them the names Felix & Minoes (pronounced as Minouche)

During the first week, the scullery was their territory, so they could acclimatize and recover form the stress of being caught and being transported in a bucket. Minoes and Felix were born on a dairy farm and during the first six weeks grew up without human intervention.
"The cat suddenly appeared with kittens, we didn't even know she had been pregnant."
Quoted the aquaintance, who picked up the kittens, the farmer.

Leia's old basket was still there and quickly became Minoes & Felix's. An old sweater of mine became their blanket.
Whoever said cats are clean animals, only looked at cats grooming themselves not at the mess they make when trying to bury their waste and in the process throwing all the kitty-litter around. Normally the hood (the gray thing next to Minoes) is put on the litterbox, but during those first weeks they refused to go when the hood was put on.
In those first weeks you never could approach them without being noticed. One would always remain vigilant while the other one slept. One step in their direction resulted in either one or both fleeing the basket and seeking refuge behind/underneath the freezer.
in the second week we moved their basket to the kitchen, because the temperature started to dip below zero and the kitchen is considerably warmer than the scullery
Only the white parts and the reflecting eyes give them away.
In the second week they had gotten used to their new surroundings and became more playfull. still shy but instead of vigilance they started to play with each other and objects that attracted their attention (like a fake mouse)

The 6 pictures which follow now were taken in the last weeks of March. Both cats are sunworeshippers and quickely found out that the perfect place to sunbath is on the rug in the hall.
But a few weeks ago Mom put the Camel-saddle (which is normally used as a footrest and has been in the family forever (at least as far as my memory serves) though none of the family ever set foot in the Orient.) in the hall to give them a better spot in the sun and as you you can see that gesture was very much appreciated .

Minoes hiding under the kitchen table observing me since I was a stranger intruding in THEIR home *l*
As I went into the hallway Minoes ran past me and sat on the stairs. still keeping me in her sight.
Observation from the top of the stairs
Dinner Time!!!!!! Minoes is sitting behind my mom's legs. Moments later Felix sat like a prarie-dog on his hinds legs and front legs in the air. (unfortunately I ran out of film) btw If this had been a picture of Leia (our previous cat) it would have been different she would have tried to claw her way up to the sink via my Mom's trouserleg.
Minoes and Felix in Leeuwarden

The predecessors of Minoes and Felix, Leia and Garfield and also our dog Joris
Joris in 1983 at the Gletscherstraße near Sölden - Tyrol, Austria
Joris in 1985 on Camping Fragenstein in Zirl - Tyrol, Austria

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