Chat transcript of a conversation between Kara and LTK

KaraSedai: *l* well, I hope you're the Maximum Security bartender. We need someone stubborn for all the chuggers in here.
LTKGaidin: Do ye be sayin' that ahm stubbern?
LTKGaidin: And I am, when we get another, s/he'll be servin in minimum security.
LTKGaidin: *hiccups and wonders why inventory keeps coming up a few gallons short*

KaraSedai: yes, you are stubborn.
KaraSedai: *lol@LTK*
LTKGaidin: I guess you are right.
LTKGaidin: *also wonders why he always ends up waking up groggy in room 134, rather than 133.*

KaraSedai: hmmm ... *checks who's in 134*
LTKGaidin: I don't think there IS anyone in 134.
KaraSedai: *FOCLMAO* check again!
LTKGaidin: Oh dear.
KaraSedai: that's just so sordid, LTK. I'm gonna have to tell your Sedai about this!
LTKGaidin: *takes back the Labatt from her cell.*
LTKGaidin: Oh, that's right, 134 is across the hall, it's 13*5* I keep waking up in, next door.
LTKGaidin: Better than waking up in 132.
LTKGaidin: That'd be worse.

-end chat-

NOTE: at the time of this quote, room 135 was empty.
New Note: This also refers to the old map of T.V.A. were numbering started at 80 and went on to 147.